The Watchman’s Keep


316 pages paperback

Escape Hatch Books ( October 27, 2022)    English



At age 12, Nathan Cole is the keeper of the Hammond bookcase, a curious relic filled with unsolved mysteries, passed down through his family for five generations. Designed as a force for good, he now understands the crucial role he plays in preserving its legacy. But when a matching bookcase is recovered from the Covin, a centuries-old criminal network specializing in stolen works of art, Nathan is pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse by those who would use the twin bookcase for the secrets it contains – each a blueprint to untold riches. Aided by his best friend Gina McDermott, Nathan goes in search of the Covin mastermind known only as the Watchman, a phantom who operates solely in the shadows and with sinister intent. With dark forces closing in, and his life hanging in the balance, Nathan finds himself in a race against time to solve the riddle of The Watchman’s Keep.

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