The Stone Ghost


462 pages paperback

Escape Hatch Books ( July 10, 2020)   English



12-year old Gina McDermott had a grandmother she barely knew—famed mystery writer Helen Bainbridge. That changes, however, when Gina’s aunt gives her a rare gemstone—a gift, she’s told, from her long-deceased grandmother. Breathtaking in its radiance, the stone is shrouded in mystery. Gina knows nothing of its origin, and has no idea why her grandmother insisted she have it. Was it a mere keepsake? If so, why had her grandmother kept it hidden for years, refusing to share it or discuss it with anyone? Was the stone be tied to a dark and dangerous secret? To find the answers to those questions, and with her own safety hanging in the balance, Gina must decipher a set of cleverly hidden clues, left behind by her grandmother. As she works to solve the riddle of the gemstone, she must elude dangerous forces that would use it for an unthinkable and deadly end. Little does she know the startling truth that awaits her or how it will forever change the course of her life. Follow her as she uses her guile and determination in pursuit of a stone ghost.

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