The Curse of Halim


393 pages paperback

Escape Hatch Books; 1st edition (July 18. 2018)  English



It was a shred of paper… Nothing more than the corner of a page, torn from a just-written book that was mysteriously destroyed 30 years ago. When 12-year-old Nathan Cole discovers it in the curious bookcase hidden away in his attic, he is pulled into a tangle of unanswered questions that grows more complex at every turn.With the help of a few old friends and some surprising new allies, Nathan unravels the clues one by one. With each step forward, his investigation draws him ever closer to some truly dangerous forces. But Nathan can’t quit–not since he learned the truth about the bookcase, and the role he plays in its legacy. Before this adventure reaches its conclusion, that little scrap of paper will lead Nathan and his friends to uncover a series of long-forgotten crimes with roots in an age-old legend known as the Curse of Halim.

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