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Alfred M. Struthers, Author of Third Floor Books, LLC.

The imagination of Alfred Struthers debuted in 2013 with his first book, The Case of Secrets. A story about a young boy, Nathan Cole, who dislikes reading. Then one day he witnesses an unusual experience with an old book in his family’s attic library that will change his life forever.

Alfred has done an impeccible job of researching details that make this book (and his series of mysteries) sound like a true story rather than from someone’s imagination. Join Nathan Cole as he continues a legacy that dates back through his family for five generations.

Amazing Hidden Gem!

I read this book aloud to my fifth-grade class, which we used as a curriculum aligned novel study. This book was new to me, which made it exciting to dive into. From the Prologue to the Epilogue, this book is packed with action, mystery, curiosity, and gothic architecture. Each chapter leaves you wanting more as the pieces of the mystery of Alastair Raven are revealed one by one.

My students will be the first ones to tell you that reading is not their “thing”. This book, however, was an exception to their aversion to written text. I have never seen students so silent and hanging on my every word. They absolutely devoured every moment spent with Nathan and Gina.

It was a learning curve to go between thoughts and actions simultaneously, but I think that this style makes the book more realistic and suspenseful. I just made sure to slow down during those parts and use them as teaching moments. It also helped that I would point to my temple every time a character was thinking in italics.

If you are looking for a book to enjoy as a read aloud, novel study, or just to read for fun…look no further!  Abby G, Hinsdale, NH

Alfred M. Struthers. . .

lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire, with his wife and their incorrigible dog, Manny. He loves crafting books that inspire, entertain and make a difference in the lives of young readers. In addition to writing, he is a singer/songwriter, furniture maker and avid collector of fossils from the streambeds around Cooperstown, New York.

Alfred M. Struthers, author of The Third Floor Mystery Series