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Classroom visits are nothing short of magical. As a good friend, and teacher, in Maine told me, “the kids won’t believe me, they won’t believe their parents, but they’ll believe you!

Testimonials from Educators & Librarians

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The Case of Secrets drew me, and my entire 5th grade class, into the mystery of Nathan’s dusty old family bookcase. This mystery was fast paced, starting with an old book falling onto the floor and the pages wildly turning by themselves to give the protagonist clues about its importance. Nathan and his friend Gina go on a wild adventure around town and end up discovering something that will give you chills. The characters are well developed. Nathan and Gina will both banter and work together, making you chuckle. The plot will keep you on the edge of your seat, so that you won’t want to put the book down. Even at the end, you won’t want to have the next book in the series too far away!

M. Leafe, Brookline, NH

“It is so well-written and held my interest to the point I couldn’t put it down.”

D. Charna, Columbus School for Girls, Columbus, OH

“A fast and exciting read…it lead my imagination into the “Raiders of the lost Ark” mode.”

Diane Goodman, Teacher, Marlborough School, Marlborough, NH

“I loved the book. I can’t wait until the next one. I couldn’t put it down.”

M. Walker – Teen/Reference/Local History Librarian, Amesbury Public Library, Amesbury, MA

“The story blends itself nicely into history, art, and language arts. The perfect mentor text to model various literary reading strategies in the classroom.”

C. Lang, Instructional Coach, LearnZillion
Washington, DC

Terrific Mix of Mystery and Suspense for the Middle School Reader

“Mr. Struthers does a wonderful job stirring curious histories and cryptic architecture into a suspenseful and fast-paced cauldron of mystery. As the main character wakes to a newly discovered love of literature, so does the reader to a completely original and well-written tale. I’ll be testing this book with my students during the next quarter and look forward to watching them live through every twist and turn.”

C. Smith, Principal, St. Joseph’s School Keene, NH

“I got hooked on the book. It’s nice sometimes to read a middle school level book and thoroughly enjoy it. Definitely get your kids to read this one.”

N. Hamblet, Library Asst., Kurn Hattin Homes Westminster, VT

“I ended up reading it nearly straight through. It kept drawing me forth. I will definitely recommend this for my middle grade readers.”

K. Clark, 6th Grade Teacher , Coopersville, MI

“I really enjoyed the book!” Some parts made me think of memories from my own childhood.”

K. Lisai, Teacher, Westminster, VT

“The students were really into the mystery aspect of the book and loved the adventure that was entwined within the story. I definitely feel that this book would be great for middle school readers, and while it is an enticing book for boys, most of my girls really enjoyed it just as much.”

D. Boyer, Teacher, Salina, KS

“The author did such a wonderful job I almost believed the story was true.”

S. Stiles, 6th Grade LA, Sarasota, FL

I read this book to my 5th/6th grade class as a read aloud. They loved it! Every time I stopped reading at the end of a chapter, they would beg me to read just a few pages more. My students enjoyed the “Goosebumps” style mystery aspect of it along with the two main characters of Nathan and Gina. In addition, the author, Alfred Struthers, was kind enough to come visit our classroom! Watching the kids ask specific questions about the book and watching Mr. Struthers tell why he chose certain aspects was a delight to see. I will definitely be buying The Phantom Vale and all the other Third Floor Mystery books that come out!

B. Hoglund, Marlow, NH