Did You Hear That?


Paperback – December 4, 2019

Cathy Provoda (Illustrator)   English




Things are amiss on Red Robin Farm. Are there really white elephants in the shed? Is it going to rain cats and dogs? Who spilled the beans in the kitchen? Did the hired hand lay an egg? And who would dare take the bull by the horns? Join Olive, Naomi, Gertrude and Vera, four well-meaning but misguided hens, as they attempt to answer these riddles and restore order to the barnyard.


Reviewed by Sandra K. Stiles, ***** July 23, 2020

“A wonderful book. Four hens overhear a conversation between the farmer and the farmer’s son. They hear the farmer say they need to take the bull by the horns. They try to warn the bulls only to learn that “take the bull by the horns” is an expression. The hens hear many expressions they don’t understand. The other animals laugh at them. However, the hens know an expression the rest of the farm animals don’t.

I loved this book. It took me back a few years when I was teaching students who were learning English. I looked out the class window one day and said, “Wow, it’s raining cats and dogs out there.” One of my Vietnamese girls jumped up, looked out the window and said, “I no see no cats or dogs.” That was the beginning of my lesson on idioms. This is a great way to start younger students learning about common idioms.”

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